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Thank you so much for visiting this website. I hope you get something useful from your visit.

Join me in helping make this world a better place for our children or better yet may I join you?

Although I do believe we should each take personal responsibility for our actions & position in life, I also realize we all have ups & downs and it's nice to have others around to help us through it.

This is not to say that supporting personally or in business at a codependent level  is healthy or even ultimately helpful.

But consider this: What if someone is being bullied? Whether it's a boy that out weighs you by 50lbs is pushing you around on the playground or in your business sector a corporation is able to manipulate government, markets or consumer perception. They are a bully.

When a small businesses chooses to use the services of or purchase their supplies from a large corporation over a fellow small business they are strengthening the bully.

Historic and economics precedents are clear on the results of this behavior. Less choice, lower quality and higher prices are just the obvious results. Virtual or actual slavery is usually the final outcome.

Any one of these large companies can at any time, shift thousand of jobs over seas with a stroke of a pen or a click of a mouse... and have done so without hesitation.

If you don't want your children and grandchildren working as slave labor in a third world factory why would you buy from them? 

Note: This website is informational only. It is intended allow you to learn about me as you desire. It is not intended to boast, brag or sell. Please forgive me any failure to perform on this intent.

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